måndag 23 april 2007

Yoga and lipgloss - how to balance the tech-world

So we finally went on the Golden Gate bridge (beautiful!). And we hung out at a café in Mission in San Fransisco. And we shopped for Buddhas and lucky cats in Chinatown. Meaning - we´ve had a weekend (without putting together Ikea-furniture or looking for bargains at Best Buy) and we´ve actually visited the big city.
However, writing about it makes it sound more romantic than it actually was. It rained the whole day, we spent lots of time on the freeway and the kids got tired of walking. I got tired of having wrong shoes (ballerinas are not good for rainy walks) and A got hungry. Traveling with kids is rewarding and fantastic but it also makes you feel like you are a service-institution...
We´ve also been very social this weekend - we´ve seen friends for dinner twice, we´ve seen friends in cozy Mill Valley north of the city and tonight our neighbours had a coctail with desserts to introduce us to the street. Everyone seems to have something to do with what I´m doing here. They´re either at Stanford or in the mediabusiness or at some interesting company in the valley. One is a scientist and an expert on climate change (that I´m suppose to cover...).
Work is still fun, read more about it here. However, it´s very tech-oriented. This morning I told my nice cubicle-neighbour that I need lot´s of yoga and to shop for lipgloss often in order to balance it. My other college showed me that she actually keeps Harpers Bazaar at her desk for that reason. And a third college revieled that she loves shopping, we talked about doing some on a lunch soon. So, I guess it all levels out. Also, I love the athmosphere at work and its fun, challanging and interesting to write in English.
Yesterday Sun (6 years) said that she thinks that Americans are smart with kids because they make fun things to brush your teeth with (she's got an electrical Cinderella - hua, I know...) and they hide answers to a riddle within the ice cream, so you actually finish your portion. Maybe she´s right.

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js sa...

Choosing the best lip gloss - really helps me to find the balance:)

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