onsdag 23 juli 2008

Traveling with kids

Flying overseas with kids means:
-Toasting the vacation with mineral water in plastic cups at the airport.
-Carrying a unicorn, a seal, a purple back pack and a pink school bag besides from my own hand luggage.
-Finding the best smoothie at Heathrow.
-Pouting when the entertainment system omboard needs to be restarted.
-Laughing out loud when the plane takes off.
-Trying to peak in news papers while making a rime on cow.
-Explaining why everything has to be x-rayed and therefore explaining terrorism.
-Holding sweet, warm hands.

And while in New York:
-Looking for "broken" buildings - because it´s exciting.
-Having pasta picnic-dinner at the hotel room.
-Waking up jet legged at 4 AM to the sound of cartoons.
-Spending hours at FAO Schwarz.
-Watching sea lions at the zoo in Central Park.
-Teaching sweet girls how to shop :)
-At one point holding hands with your husband.

söndag 27 januari 2008

On the hunt for Obama and Clinton

Long time not blogging - again. But now I decided to jump right back into it, since I´m doing an exciting journey, covering some of the US primary elections for TT.
After three days and very many texts from South Carolina I´m about to fly up to New York. But first a few reflections:
-Barack Obama is an extremely inspiring speaker. I thought the roof would fly off when he gave his victory speach last night here in Columbia. While going to the convention center I heard calls from all over the city going "Fired up, ready to go". I got goose bumps, because in Sweden I seldom see people so excited over politics. The night before I was trying to get into Obamas rally, but it was full. However in the long line people were singing, chanting and expressing such entusiasm that it touched me. Likewise was I toughed when I read Caroline Kennedys colum in the New York Times today, endorsing Obama. It´s true that the US more than anything now needs an inspiring, ethical leader that can unite.
-The night before the election I heard Hillary Clinto speak at the democratic stump meeting. She was also very impressing. She swept onto the stage with a grounded, positive Madeleine Albright-alike radiance. I got a sincere impression, she really, really wants to make this country better.
When it comes to the issues all the democrats have good agendas. Therefore this election is more about character and individual qualities. That makes it even more interesting.