onsdag 18 april 2007

My first blog ever...

Hej from Silicon Valley!
Today I started working at podtech.net in Palo Alto as a fellow from the innovation journalism-program at Stanford university. My first assignment was to write a summary on what other bloggers wrote on Yahoos first quarterly result this year (that later was posted on my dear boss John Furriers blog...).
I have never, ever blogged before! And I´m used to writing in Swedish with lots of å, ä and ö:s. Anyway - I did my best and realised I had to make a personal blog as well (never let your professional life go ahead of your personal...). Here it is.
I´m Tina Magnergård Bjers, a 36-years old native Swede with a passion for storytelling. I came to Silicon Valley six days ago with my two beautiful daughters Ida and Sun and my dear husband A (love!). Together with our viking-roomie Leo we live in a small house full of Ikea-furniture up in the hills. We´re dying to get rid of our jetleg (the kids wake up in the middle of the night wanting to make puzzles and eat pizza) and discover the area.
At home in Sweden I´m a journalist with Swedens National newsagency TT. I mostly cover politics and economics and I also do a series of articles on trends and design. In 2003 I was TT:s acting correspondent in New York. When I dont work I like to be twisted on the yogamat - in Palo Alto I´ve so far discovered Yoga Source.

A few reflections on life in northern California:
-most people actually do wear fleece and I´m starting to understand why. The weather is really unpredictable (however, everyone is nicely tanned)...
-people are incredably friendly. On our second day on the street we were invited to a bithdayparty for neighbour Ilaria who just turned 3. It was a great day at Lemos farm with cake, ponyrides and hungry goats (!). And our landlords have given our kids lots of things to play with. And our neighbors gave us a sofa and some chairs. And my collegues are incredably nice.
-It´s easier being a vegetarian than in New York and you´re not considered strange.
-People laugh a lot. They use the words "fun" and "play" when they describe what they do - even if its serious academic research (like Mondays Media X-conference at Stanford).

PS. Curious about the name Bubble and Faith? It was a project I started (that never took off) with my dear friends Maria and Helena back in Stockholm. We wanted to start an internet-based shop for fashion- and designinterested mothers like ourselfs. In the end we decided to focus on other things but I love the name Bubble (representing that sparkling feeling you want to have in life) and Faith (what everything actually is based on).

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