fredag 17 augusti 2007

Circles of News

Now, as I'm about to wrap up my fellowship at PodTech (thank you all great members of the PodTech Family!!), I've had some time to think about the circles of news. It's interesting to see how the principle of nearness still is of great importance - in this world of online video, webb 2.0 and wireless globalisation. In Silicon Valley, tech-news make the biggest headlines and attracts a great number of bloggers. Why? Because they're close to the tech-companies and labs. They can have lunch together with the people/companies they cover, hang out - meet in natural circumstances and have common references to traffic, the weather and a cool new restaurant.
It's also natural that The New York Times has a good take on international politics. They're only a few blocks away from the UN and several great universities.
I find it interesting to see how easy it is to get absorbed by one circle - when you thought that you belonged to another. In the morning I find myself fighting over the biz & tech-section of San Jose Mercury News (I know I'm old-fashioned but I like to read on paper...) just because I recognize the companies and have another relationship to them after some time here.
Personal relations will always play an important role - both to producers and consumers of media. And for me personally, I'll keep looking out for news from Silicon Valley while back in Stockholm...

måndag 6 augusti 2007

Make it Green

I keep doing stories on Green Design. It's a great subject from many perspectives - politics, technology, sustainability, economy - plus its funky, fun and (often) beautiful.
Reflecting over sustainability is important on so many levels. Over the weekend, while pausing from our act of playing tourists, we watched Arctic Tale with the children. It's a beautiful and scary documentary-based film on what global warming and melting ice does to the life of polar bears among others.
Before the film a trailer for Leonardo diCaprio's environmental documentary The 11th Hour was shown. It's opening here in the US on August 17th. I was thrilled to see that a big part of the trailer actually focused on green design - check it out yourself.
My latest PodTech-piece is on Y2E2, a new green building that is in the making at Stanford university.

fredag 3 augusti 2007

All comments welcome

My excellent and very smart friend Jeremiah Owyang just pointed out to me that he couldn't comment on this blog since he doesn't have a blogspot-account. That was until a few seconds ago. I have now successfully changed the settings, I hope, allowing anyone to comment...
One of the things I've learned here in Silicon Valley (specially from Jeremiah)is the importance of sharing and two way communication, both when it comes to business, media and marketing. Jeremiah is Director of Corporate Media Strategy at and an expert on social media, read more about it on his great blog here. Like most big trends from the US, social media will hit Sweden on a large and corporate scale some time soon. I plan to learn as much as I can and report on it.

I am sailing...

Last weekend one of our dreams came through, we went sailing in the Monterey Bay with Darrold, a great friend from PodTech. The boat and the sea were beautiful, the sun came out, we saw sea lions and otters - and I puked three times. It's really difficult claiming to be a viking when you get sea sick that easily. Especially when your daughter lies in the cabin, reading, without getting the slightest shade of green.
The fact that we took the kids to the big tivoli at the boardwalk at Santa Cruz afterwards is an act of true parental love. I was pale and had shaky knees, but yet I went on this frightening merry-go-round with them... (and almost throw up a fourth time)
Besides from the sea sickness, sailing is a good metaphor for the last few weeks here. They just fly by. The girls play with Emma, A works on his blog on the digital tv transition in the US and I keep doing my work Green Design. In a way its like we've always lived here. But we also know that we only have a month left and that now is the time to enjoy this beautiful part of the world. Tomorrow we're gonna play tourists in San Francisco with the girls - go on cable cars, play in the park and check out the old victorian house Haas Lillientaal.