torsdag 31 december 2009

Happy New 2010

Happiness comes in small doses. It´s in the tone of voice you use while talking to a loved one. It´s in the small actions of peace and friendship that we do each day. It´s about honesty and care, watching the sun and breathing still. And it´s about enjoying the moments.
A lot of this is easy to create, if you decide to. My dearest friend and yogi Kia, who lives in Paris with her beautiful family, enjoy meringue-dessert every Friday. From now on, we will too. It´s a new years resolution.

söndag 20 december 2009

Fencing, peace and the climate

So there I am, watching my oldest daughter take her exam in fencing. The room at Djurgårdens fäktförening is worn down but filled with patina and people who live to teach this old, beautiful way of dueling to the next generation.
I watch the walls. They are filled with fencing posters from competitions from the 50:ies up until today - from Mexico, Cuba, the Soviet Union, Sweden, France, the US and Hungary among others. The artwork is amazing. But it´s also amazing that all these competitions have taken place during the cold war, nuclear arms race and times of terror. If people can come together over sports, we should be able to come together to save the planet, I think, with the poor result of the climate summit in Copenhagen in mind.

lördag 12 december 2009

Washington Detox

I love stories about people who dare to walk their very own path. This one from The Washington Post is about Neel Kashkari who used to be a high Treasury Department official and who helped create the TARP-program. After seven month of intense work for George Bush and Barack Obama - and after months of sleepless nights, intense stress, never talking to his wife and gaining lots of weight - he resigned.
Now he´s on Washington Detox in northern California. His mission: Build shed, Chop wood, Lose 20 pounds and Help with Hank´s book. Go Neel!

tisdag 8 december 2009

Laughing Baby

This photo symbolizes the new angle on this blog. Life´s true laughs are precious.