onsdag 23 juli 2008

Traveling with kids

Flying overseas with kids means:
-Toasting the vacation with mineral water in plastic cups at the airport.
-Carrying a unicorn, a seal, a purple back pack and a pink school bag besides from my own hand luggage.
-Finding the best smoothie at Heathrow.
-Pouting when the entertainment system omboard needs to be restarted.
-Laughing out loud when the plane takes off.
-Trying to peak in news papers while making a rime on cow.
-Explaining why everything has to be x-rayed and therefore explaining terrorism.
-Holding sweet, warm hands.

And while in New York:
-Looking for "broken" buildings - because it´s exciting.
-Having pasta picnic-dinner at the hotel room.
-Waking up jet legged at 4 AM to the sound of cartoons.
-Spending hours at FAO Schwarz.
-Watching sea lions at the zoo in Central Park.
-Teaching sweet girls how to shop :)
-At one point holding hands with your husband.

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