måndag 16 juli 2007

Living in Warmth

EVERY relative and friend I talk to in Sweden complain about the weather. They tell me it's raining cats and dogs and that half the country - more or less - is under water. Here in California climate change shows another face. Wildfire after wildfire is starting (some of them close to our house) and the temperature is seldom below 25 degrees. Personally I love it (except for the fires), its so nice to not worry about rain jackets or thick sweaters and to always have a bit of a tan. But climate change is real and we all need to think about living more sustainable. Recently I wrote about the heat and the fires in the US for TT. I interviewed climatologists who told me that California has not received as little rain as this past year since 1877. To people here it's an every day habit to sort garbage and conserve water. Many stores in San Francisco are banning the plastic bag and make people use tote bags instead. Organic food is huge, look at Wholefoods.
I think that change begins with small steps in our every day life. If we all care a little more we will create a better world. Environmental changes have often started as a grassrooth movement. Science is already far ahead and the politicians will follow... Meanwhile try not to drink coffee from paper cups. It's actually a part of a tree :)

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